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Samarkind are a Dublin based hard rock band. The band comprises members from 3 countries countries, lead vocalist born Birmingham, England is David Paul Byrne, the lead guitarist born in Kozecin, Poland  Michal Kulbaka,, bass player born Dublin Ireland Mark Dempsey and drummer born  Dublin Ireland Darragh O'Hehir


The band were formed in November 2015 after David had spent almost two years auditioning and searching for a writing partner and riff master finally discovering Polish guitar God Michal. They immediately set about writing , immediately they hit it off and with creativity and energy flowing they decided to hit the studio. David  bass player Mark and drummer Darragh had been friends for many years thru the Irish music scene and had often collaborated on each others work. After rehearsing as a band for a couple of months they were ready.


With Dublin holding an abundance of high quality studios there was plenty of high end choices, however one environment stood out, the world famous Westland Studios  where the last few Thin Lizzy albums, U2, Def Leppard and many more had created stellar tracks. Working with Westland mainman Alwyn John Walker the band worked slowly on fine tuning the songs, creating a massive guitar sound and a rhythm section to be rivalled. After 6 painstaking months work was complete, a unique heavy rock opus with epic songs, soaring vocals, majestic riffs, and thunderous bass and drums.


On Friday the 7th of September Samarkind shall release the second single from the album “Thru That Door” produced by Alwyn John Walker, David Paul Byrne and Michal Kulbaka, mastered by Jon Moorehead. The video was shot Dublin in a unique building in Dublins inner city by Ian James White

"Rousing Bluesy - Rock blending Classic Rock Influences with a Contempory Energy"





"This is something special"


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